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A3 Music Scholars' Concert

The A3 music scholars came together to provide a stunning concert held on Wednesday 12 October in the Elder Concert Hall.

Samantha H opened the concert with a performance on the violin of Mendelssohn’s Sonata in F: 1st movement. James R performed Sonata in E: 1st movement by Haydn on the piano. Bertrand EW played More Brothers by Lamont on the saxophone. Lotte T sang When I am laid in earth by Purcell. Rory H played Swashbuckler’s Song from Sonata for Trombone & Piano by Hindemith. James R returned to sing When Sweet Anne Sings by Head. India S performed Kabalevsky’s Violin Concerto: 1st movement. Charlotte H, a new member of the scholar family, ended the concert with a performance of Fantaisie by Hüe on the flute.

Director of Music, Duncan Emerson thanked all of the soloists for providing their audience with a superb hour of music and he praised the accompanists for their lovely supportive roles too. Special thanks to Jack Lambert for whom it was his first outing as an accompanist.