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Chamber Music Concert

The Chamber Music Concert took place in front of a good-sized audience in the Mark Elder Concert Hall on Wednesday 11 February 2015 at 7.30pm.

It was a very high quality concert involving all scholars and exhibitioners including many other of the best musicians at Bryanston.

The programme was as follows:

Trio for Oboe, Clarinet & Piano: Andante                                         Gilson
Oboe: Charlotte Salter

Clarinet: Clara Wessely

Piano: William Chaffey

‘Kegelstatt Trio’ in Eb                                                                        Mozart

Clarinet: Bertrand Ellison-Wright

Viola: Eric Hoang

Piano: Cairo Folkes


Trio for Flutes; Adagio & Allegro                                                      Laszlo Zempleni
Eleanor Killner, Rosemary Graham, Sumei Bao-Smith

Piano Trio No. 4 in E minor 'Dumky' Op. 90: Andante                     Dvorák

Violin: Valerie Chiu

Cello: Harry Ellison-Wright

Piano: Poppy Hosford

Divertimento                                                                              Leonard Salzedo Bayrischer Abendsegen                                                                                        Otto Hornek

Trumpet: Thomas Sewart, Adam Fowler-Watt, Max Hayward,
Luca Sorrentino
Trombone: Willoughby Hosford, Rory Highnam
Tuba: Henry Cooper

And So It Goes                                                                       Billy Joel arr. Bob Chilcott

Lotte Thomas, Sumei Bao-Smith, Harriet Jones, Micah Mackay, 

Isobel Tempest, Rosemary Graham, Adam Fowler-Watt, Henry Cooper,

Thomas Sewart, George Haviland, Finley Forwood.

Bach Goes to Town Prelude and Fugue                                             Alec Templeton
Clarinet: Cairo Folkes, Iona Mackay , Millie Duckett

Bass clarinet: Bertrand Ellison-Wright

String quartet No. 1 in D major; Andante cantabile                            Tchaikovsky
Violin: Samantha Hoang, Katherine Simpson

Viola: Alma Orr-Ewing

Cello: Evangeline Coplan


The Queen Among The Heather                                                         Paul Harvey
Soprano saxophone: Kathleen Rafferty

Alto saxophone: Bertrand Ellison-Wright

Tenor saxophone: Rosemary Graham

Baritone saxophone: Patrick Yeates


Concertino No. 5 in B flat major; Largo, andante                               Ricciotti
Violin: Johannes Reinhuber, Isobel Morshead, India Syms, Frederick Frostwick
Viola: Harriet Jones
Cello: Harry Ellison-Wright
Double bass: Anthony Hayward
Harpsichord: Graham Scott


Concertino No. 5 in B flat major; Allegro moderato                           Ricciotti
Violin: Gavin Hoang, Isobel Morshead, India Syms, Frederick Frostwick
Viola: Harriet Jones
Cello: Harry Ellison-Wright
Double bass: Anthony Hayward
Harpsichord: Graham Scott

Tico Tico                                                                                            Zequinha Abreu
Flute: Sumei Bao-Smith

Oboe: Hannah Post

Cor anglais: Charlotte Salter

Clarinet: Flora Jobson, Bryony Bennett
Bassoon: Katharine Kidd


Serenade in E flat major Op. 6; Andante con moto                            Suk
Conductor: Christina Scott

Violin 1: Valerie Chiu, Gavin Hoang, Samantha Hoang, Johannes Reinhuber
Violin 2: Poppy Hosford, Isobel Morshead, India Syms, Frederick Frostwick, Katherine Simpson
Viola: Alma Orr-Ewing, Eric Hoang
Cello: Harry Ellison-Wright, Evangeline Coplan, Rory Highnam
Double bass: Anthony Hayward 

Sincere congratulations to all of the performers. A high standard was maintained all the way through the evening.