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Royal Opera House screenings

We're excited to bring you screenings from The Royal Opera House in Coade Hall. Performances are open to the public and tickets can be purchased online.

Bryanston School has a rich history of the performing arts stemming from cultural exposure and creative expression. At a time when government funding and private sponsorship for the arts are under extreme pressure, it is imperative that the appreciation and the relationship between the arts, creativity and a rounded education is upheld by schools.

We are committed to keeping the performing arts central to a Bryanston education, both through performance but also through nurturing enjoyment and pleasure from watching live music, theatre, opera and film. 

With technology evolving rapidly, the logistical challenge and cost for young people to experience live theatre and concerts, and the demand for more local cultural exposure, means Bryanston has a unique opportunity to bring our pupils, local school children and the community together through the performing arts.

As a result, Bryanston is able to live stream some of the world’s most interesting and stimulating productions to Dorset.