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Our Guiding Principles

Bryanston is not bound by tradition. It is a forward-thinking and outward-looking school, proud of the calibre of its education, of the methods used to encourage and achieve the best, of the family ethos which unites Bryanstonians past and present, and of how its pupils go on to make their mark upon and contribute to the world.

All members of the Bryanston community share a commitment to the following guiding principles:


Thinking differently, flexibly and imaginatively.
Intelligently breaking convention.
Nurturing creativity and innovation in all areas of life.
Applying creative thinking to real problems in a relevant way.

Breadth of ambition 

Discovering and realising the passions of every individual wherever they may lie.
Celebrating achievement equally in every field of human endeavour.
Working hard to be the best that one can be whilst finding the right balance in life.


Being self-disciplined, self-aware and self-critical.
Being leaders, taking responsibility and driving initiative.
Having the courage to be different, to think independently and to take intellectual risks.

Humanity and family 

Valuing, and empathising with, all individuals within the community.
Caring for humanity and the natural environment.
Valuing diversity and being open-minded and outward-looking, with a determination to contribute to the wider world.


Being self-reliant, resourceful and comfortable in one’s own skin.
Embracing change as an opportunity, building a strong sense of self-worth and the confidence to overcome, and learn from, adversity.