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Bryanston Sports Courses Medical Form

To enable us to make contact with you in an emergency whilst your son/daughter is in our care please complete the form below.

If any of this information should alter between now and the course start date please ensure that you notify us immediately.

Has your son/daughter been immunised for tetanus?*

Allergies, Drug Sensitivities

Does your child suffer from any allergies?*

Current Medical Treatment

Does your child have a tendency to wheeze or cough, especially at night, after exercise, or in the cold?

Hay Fever
Does your child suffer from Hay Fever or any other form of Allergy?


I hereby authorise the nurse to administer Paracetamol or Ibuprofen as appropriate

Authorisation given*

All information provided in this form is deleted at the end of a course so even if your child has attended one of our courses previously we still require you to complete a medical form.