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DofE Award - Silver - Consent Form

Organiser: Duncan Curry

1. I agree to my child taking part in the Silver Duke of Edinburgh's Award.
2. I declare my child fit enough to take part in the activities.
3. I will notify the organisers of any ailment, allergy, condition or diet that requires the attention of the organisers.
4. I authorise the organisers to act on my behalf in an emergency and to sign on my behalf any consent forms required by medical authorities if they know that it would not be advisable to wait for my own signature.
5. I accept that, whilst all due care and attention will be exercised by the organisers, my child will be required to act responsibly and in accordance with the prescribed code of behaviour which he/she has been given. I agree to the organisers reserving the right to send my child home if he/she will not comply with this code.
6. I accept that, though risk assessments are undertaken, an element of risk will exist with some activities.
7. I am aware that there will be a £150 charge (the cost for each expedition) and that this will be added to the Summer term bill, and a £23 DofE registration fee (added to the Autumn term bill).
8. In the event of an emergency I may be contacted on the following telephone numbers:

I agree to the above terms and conditions*