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Ten Tors CHALLENGE Parents consent form

* Established by the army in 1960 as a challenge for teams consisting of 6 young people.
* There are three distances 35, 45 and 55 miles for 14/15, 16/17 and 18/19 year olds respectively. Bryanston enters a 35mile team, meaning this is an event for year C.
* We have more people than 6 who are interested, which means we have to run a selection process. Therefore it is possible that your child could complete the training schedule and then not make the team; this is an unfortunate reality.
* There are 2,500 participants each year, forming 450 teams from approximately 250 institutions across the South West.
* There are a large number of different routes, all of which visit 10 tors.
* The teams are told their route the day before and have to plan their journey themselves.
* They are ‘self-sufficient’ throughout the walk, carrying all their food and supplies; meaning the rucksacks can weigh up to 30lb / 13.6 kg. Phones are sealed in plastic bags to prevent them receiving any external help.
* Occasionally the weather becomes a major issue, and the event was abandoned in 2007 because of the conditions.
* This is a tough and challenging event and should not be taken lightly.
* Each team member needs to provide his or her own walking boots. The school can provide all the rest of the equipment needed.
* You can find out more on the Ten Tors by reading the Ten Tors information on the school website, or go to

1. I have read the information on the Ten Tors and agree to my child taking part in the training and main event
2. I declare my child fit enough to take part in the activities.
3. I will notify the organisers of any ailment, allergy, condition or diet that requires the attention of the organisers.
4. I authorise the organisers to act on my behalf in an emergency and to sign on my behalf any consent forms required by medical authorities if they know that it would not be advisable to wait for my own signature.
5. I accept that, whilst all due care and attention will be exercised by the organisers, my child will be required to act responsibly and in accordance with the prescribed code of behaviour which he/she has been given. I agree to the organisers reserving the right to send my child home if he/she will not comply with this code.
6. I accept that, though risk assessments are undertaken, an element of risk will exist with some activities.
7. I am aware that there will be charges added to spring term bill to cover the costs of the training and main event. This will not total more than £200.
8. In the event of an emergency I may be contacted on the telephone numbers below:

I agree to the above terms and conditions*