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OB Cricket (Butterflies)

The Bryanston Butterflies is the Bryanston Alumni Cricket Club, with OBs of all abilities and ages taking part in a growing calendar of fixtures throughout the summer. 

Occasionally graced by some rare Flutterbyes, (female Butterflies) we have two main fixture bookings, that of The Weekend and The Week

The Weekend sees us take on the current crop from the school on the Saturday and a touring side called the Rioteers on the Sunday. A vital weekend, as it’s our principal recruiting ground for future 'Flies, the games are always well contested and played in fantastic spirit, something we pride ourselves on. 

The Weekend was played on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June 2016, please see below for the Captain's match report on both games:

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    The Weekend 2016 Match Report
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The Week is where old boys’ teams from Clayesmore, Canford and Sherborne come together to play in a festival of timed cricket. Every summer, we book time off work to come and live like schoolboys again, staying in Cranborne house. The cricket is very competitive, with old rivalries and contests re-awakened, to be played out by slower and fatter versions of our schoolboy selves. The array of talent may be limited, but there is always a fantastic spirit and enjoyment, which is why we see so many Flies returning year after year. 

Events played - 2017

  • Saturday 1 April - Cricket Fundraising Dinner at Bryanston
  • Saturday 6 May - Butterflies v Hampshire Hogs at Warnford - Win for the Butterflies
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    Butterflies v Hampshire Hogs - Match Report
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  • Saturday 27 May - Butterflies v Butterflies (another team called the Butterflies as well!) at Chiddingford
  • Saturday 17 June  - Butterflies v Pupils at Bryanston
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    Butterflies v Pupils - Match Report
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  • Sunday 18 June - Butterflies v Rioteers at Bryanston
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    Butterflies v Rioteers - Match Report
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  • Sunday 9 July - The Stour Cup tournament at Bryanston
  • Monday 10 July - Butterflies v Jesters at Bryanston
  • Tuesday 11 July - Butterflies v Clayesmore at Clayesmore
  • Wednesday 12 July - Butterflies v Sherborne at Bryanston
  • Thursday 13 July - Butterflies v Canford at Bryanston

If you are interested in playing or would like further information, please contact Chris and Baz at

  •  Tour  *Postponed until 2018*

We’re going to Sri Lanka in February 2018!

Please get in touch if you’re even the slightest bit keen - itinerary can be flexible to accommodate families and personal preferences. Already good interest from The Weekend, but there’s plenty of cricket to go round for a healthy touring party of 14-15!

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    Tour Itinerary
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Butterflies contact details:

Captain – Christopher Cosgrove (Connaught 2005)

Vice-Captain –Baz Street (Shaftesbury 2008)

You can also contact Sam Tonks, Alumni Relations Officer on 01258 484514 or via email.