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Bryanston Buffaloes

Bryanston Buffaloes is the supporters' group for Bryanston's rowing programme and includes OBs and former staff, as well as current members of the BSBC and their parents.

The Buffaloes provide financial support for the Bryanston School Boat Club (BSBC). With income from OB subscriptions and occasional donations, the Buffaloes have been able to fund purchases that would have been beyond BSBC's normal budget; recent items being a major contribution towards an Empacher eight, the anonymous gift of an Empacher four, and a legacy from an OB that funded five additional rowing ergometers and associated equipment for the boathouse. The Buffaloes and Bryanston School also organise a number of social events throughout the year for current and former members of the BSBC.

The Buffalo Bulletins are published each term and emailed to members. If you would like to receive the bulletin via email, please contact Sam Tonks, Alumni Relations Officer on or 01258 484514.  

Please join us for our fundraising dinner on Saturday 30 March 2019 to celebrate 40 years of the Buffaloes

Henley royal regatta 2018

Read more about the day here.

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Buffalo Family Regatta 2018

Read more about the day and view pictures here. 

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BSBC Rowing INFORMATION - autumn TERM 2018

For forthcoming BSBC rowing events and races - click here 

For race reports and more information about rowing at Bryanston, visit the rowing page here.

You can also see all of the 2018 British rowing events here.


BRyanston Stour and Pitches Map

With just 500 available, these prints are a unique representation of Bryanston and make the perfect gift for rowers and OBs alike.

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Crew Reunions

Find out the latest information on propsed dates for proposed crew reunions of 1st VIIIs and their contemporaries.

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Buffalo Committee

The committee meets three times a year near the start of each term, to decide on the organisation of the social events, to discuss the organisation of support at head races and regattas, and to allocate funds to BSBC and to Buffalo support activities. To find out more, please contact Sam Tonks, Alumni Relations Officer on or 01258 484514.

Buffalo Committee members

President: Alan Shrimpton (OB and former staff)
Chairman: Anthony Thompson (OB and former parent)
Secretary: Richard Crisp (OB) 
Treasurer: James Miura (Former parent)
Committee members
Richard Boulton (Head of Rowing)
Beth Rodford (Rowing Resident)
David Latham (OB and former parent)
Tom Rossiter (OB)
Camilla Sant (Current parent)


Join the new Buffaloes Facebook group to stay up to date with the latest news and information or follow the Bryanston School Boat Club on Twitter