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Hockey tour 2016: Day five

A visit to the Langa township on day five of the tour.

Sunday came and there was a degree of nervousness within the squad. We were heading for the Langa township where we would have a tour, lunch and then play the local club in our third match of the trip. 

When we got there, lots of little faces came to say hello straight away. We were given a guided tour of the township and learnt about local traditions, saw into the houses and met most of the local children. We then went to a house-turned-restaurant and had an incredible buffet whist listening and singing to some amazing African music. The girls handed out their old clothes to lots of different children and, again, they can’t be commended enough for their generosity. They then went to the hockey club where they played against the township's club.

Match three on day five was our first double win, the U16s winning 8-0 and the U18s winning 7-0. Goal scorers for the U16s were Lauren, Amber (2), Olivia (2), Martha (2) and Gabby. Senior scorers were Nat, Martha, Emma and Annabelle (3). 'Men of the Match' were Annabelle for the U18s and Olivia for the U16s.

We finished the day by going to a restaurant as a team to celebrate Olivia and TT's birthday on the Sunday and Lizzie's birthday on the Saturday with birthday ice cream with sparklers. Everyone is shattered already but looking forward to Robben Island tomorrow.