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Bryanston Motor Racing Triumphs at Scalextric 4 Schools National Final

On Monday 17th June, a team of three dedicated Year 9 (D) boys from Bryanston showcased their engineering prowess and racing skills at the 2024 Scalextric 4 Schools (S4S) National Final, held at the iconic Silverstone Motor Circuit’s museum. 

The competition’s highlight was the students’ race, featuring a Scalextric car they had designed, developed and built. The objective was to achieve the fastest race time possible across ten laps and the quickest individual lap time. Beyond racing, the students were also required to present their cars and their project to a panel of experts, including representatives from Scalextric and various engineering companies.

Adhering to the competition rules, the students built cars within specified dimensions, utilising a standard Scalextric motor. The theme, “The best of British,” called for models based on pre-2000 British saloon cars. Bryanston’s team chose the rally version of the Austin Metro, the 6R4, a mid-80s rally icon known for its mid-mounted V6 engine and four-wheel drive system.

Throughout the S4S ECA, the students used Onshape CAD software and scale drawings to develop the car’s body shell and chassis. True to Bryanston’s innovative spirit, they aimed to replicate the original’s four-wheel drive system and model the interior, including the V6 engine.

After weeks of diligent modelling and 3D printing, two cars emerged, painted in Bryanston Blue and featuring event sponsors. To make the cars more like real rally cars, but also as a gesture of thanks, the team added their Greenpower sponsors: J Day Engineering, EMU Technologies, Charlotte Street Capital, and Ionech.

The rules required the students to build two identical cars, one for racing and one as a spare. One car was displayed on the excellent diorama built by Luke C, whilst the other was displayed disassembled on the table alongside various test and development 3D prints, including larger models created by James W.

Louis L demonstrated some masterful driving skills, placing the team in the upper half of the timing table. All three students delivered a compelling presentation to the judges, who praised their enthusiasm, meticulous attention to detail, and innovative four-wheel drive system. Their collective effort and ingenuity earned them the top prize in the advanced category. 

Bryanston is immensely proud of the team’s achievements and the hard work that led to their success at the Scalextric 4 Schools National Final.