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Annual Telephone Calling

Welcome to the 2016 annual telephone calling information page.

Thank you for your interest and I am sure you will enjoy finding out who our callers are, why they are calling and the amazing things you will be able to achieve by speaking with them.

Put a face to the voice

You will be speaking with one of the following fellow OBs:

Currently: Reading BSc Human Biosciences at Exeter University.
Favourite School Memory: Captaining the 1st XV rugby team in A2.
Life Ambition: Have a successful career alongside a healthy and happy family.

Currently: Studying Medicine at University College London.
Favourite School Memory: Summer evenings spent on Beechwood Lawn.
Life Ambition: To practice mediine in various dfferent places around the world.

Currently: I have just finished my first year at Bristol University, studying Classics.
Favourite School Memory: The amazing facilities, especially the music school.
Life Ambition: I hope to be a lawyer or a journalist after I leave university.

Currently: I have just finished my first year at Exeter University reading History.
Favourite School Memory: Rowing down the river in fits of laughter with friends.
Life Ambition: Sky-diving with my brother for his 18 birthday.

Currently: Graduated from Southampton University (Geology & Marine Biology).
Favourite School Memory: Qualifying for Henley Royal Regatta. 
Life Ambition: Not to want more, but to give more. 

Currently: Just graduated from Oxford Brooks (Business & Marketing Management).


Currently: Reading English & Related Literature at the University of York.
Favourite School Memory: Dressing as the Facebook symbol for A3 Festival.
Life Ambition: To travel and to turn my passion for writing into a career. 

Currently: Reading Marketing at London College of Fashion.
Favourite School Memory: Swimming in the main fountain.
Life Ambition: To set up my own record label.

Currently: Reading Graphic and Media design at the University of Arts London.
Favourite School Memory: Recieving a standing ovation in Coade Hall for a song I had written.
Life Ambition: Happiness and success.

Currently: Reading Politics at Newcastle University.
Favourite School Memory: Hockey tour to South Africa.
Life Ambition: To travel the world, and to compete in international eventing.


Why are we calling? 

Each year, Bryanston sets aside dedicated time and resource to call over 2000 former members of the Bryanston family.

We are enormously proud of our OBs and we are interested to know how you are and to hear about what you are doing now. 

We would also like to tell you our news and ensure that you have the chance to remain an active and fully-engaged member of the Bryanston family.  Bryanston is greatly enhanced by the love and support of its family.

We aim to ensure that all OBs have the opportunity to engage and contribute to Bryanston if they would like to. 

When are we calling? 

We will call between Wednesday 13 July to Sunday 31 July

Our typical calling hours are:  

  • 6:30pm – 9:30pm weekday evenings
  • 11:00am – 5:00pm Saturdays
  • 2:00pm-8:00pm Sundays

We may sometimes call earlier on a weekday should we have difficulty getting through or you are based in a different time-zone.

Will we be asking for money? 

During the call, which shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, we will take a moment to let you know what we hope to achieve for our pupils this year, outside areas covered by fees.  Yes we politely ask you for financial support and there is no pressure on you to agree. Because of our past history together, we feel confident that we can ask you if you are interested in being part of a truly amazing education for current and future pupils, on the basis that you feel confident that you can politely say no, not now. 

We will also be asking you if you are interested in participating in other ways too.  We need OBs to be part of the school - as benefactors, as volunteers for our careers programmes, as members of sports and social groups - in fact, we can’t think of any areas where OBs are not needed.

Why does Bryanston need more funds? 

Because Bryanston aims to continue to offer a bespoke education to individuals and there is no other school that does this in the way that we do or as successfully as we do.  This is evidenced in our latest inspection report:

 “Bryanston School is highly successful in meeting its aims to explore and develop the individual talents of pupils to achieve their potential. …  It successfully combines academic studies with an exceptionally wide-ranging extra-curricular programme enabling pupils to pursue their interests and excel in their chosen activity.”

The school has never been resourced solely by parents’ ability to meet costs through fees but it has achieved its phenomenal success with the help of loans and past philanthropic support. 

By asking everyone, to whom Bryanston matters, to give in some way, the Bryanston family will continue to help provide a thriving future for the pupils of the school.

What are we fundraising for? 

The 2016 annual calling will be fundraising for the Greatest Need Fund.

The Greatest Need Fund aims to support smaller projects not covered by school fees and which have an immediate impact for pupils.  In 2014/15 the Greatest Need Fund enhanced the learning environment for pupils with the addition of new equipment for maths, music, design and technology, art, science and sport, as well as supporting bursaries for pupils needing financial assistance.

For the academic year 2015/16, we aim to support:

  • Bursary pupils current and new applicants as well as emergency funding.
  • Pupil Enrichment projects are to support:
  1. A cricket bowling machine for all pupils learning cricket
  2. Design and technology pupils with a Tig Welder and a jog bike
  3. Coade Hall users with a lighting desk
  4. The Greenpower team for their race bid in the finals of the national competition
  5. A cardio wall for all pupils in the Sports Centre
  • Buildings and Heritage will support the Sports Centre rejuvenation project which will enable pupils to learn to live a healthier lifestyle with much needed additional gym space.

Your gift, along with those from other will mean that pupils will be able to enjoy access to these areas much sooner than we would otherwise be able to manage.

Bryanston’s Greatest Need Fund is about joining a community of supporters of the school who are keen to grow this fund year on year for the benefit of all our pupils.

Why me? 

You have been selected because we may not have spoken to you for while, you may have told us you are interested in the school or you may have supported us in the past.

What can we achieve? 

£81,903 was pledged last year. 

This year we would like your contributions to reach £100,000.

You will make a tremendous difference to the education of young men and women now and in the future. You will make a significant impact in building the Greatest Need Fund benefiting pupil enrichment and building up the much needed bursary fund significantly more quickly.

As a benefactor of Bryanston, you will be a flag-bearer which will encourage others to follow in your footsteps and consider adding their own contribution towards helping thousands of Bryanstonians to flourish and thrive. 


If you do not wish to receive a call this year for any reason, please let us know. The best way to do this is to email with Opt-Out in the subject line and let us have your name, postcode, house and class year so that we can remove your details from the call-list for this year. 

Alternatively, please phone Bryony Holder us on 01258 484669.

If you are a carer and are concerned that the person you care for is an OB who may not cope well or enjoy receiving a call from the school, please contact Amanda Lovejoy, Bryanston’s Development Manager, direct on the following number 01258 484556.

Feedback or complaints

If we do something you like or do not like, please let us know! 

It is really helpful for us to know what you do or do not like so that we can do more of the things you do like and address any issues or concerns where you are unhappy. 

For matters relating to Development and Alumni please contact Elisabeth Anderson, Bryanston’s Director of Development, at or telephone her direct on 01258 484555.